© Jason Myers  All rights reserved.
Jason Myers' first novel  "exit here."
was released on May 22, 2007 by Simon Pulse.

"exit here."
centers around Travis who is back from college for the summer. He's just starting to settle in to
the usual pattern at home: drinking, drugging, watching porn and hooking up. But Travis isn't settling in like
he used to; something isn't right. Maybe it's that deadly debauch in Hawaii, the memories of which Travis
can't quite shake. Maybe it's Laura, Travis' ex, who reappears on the scene after a messy breakup and seems
to want to get together -- or not. Or maybe it's his suddenly sensing how empty and messed up his life is,
and wanting out. But once you're at the party, it's tough to leave...
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Myers' second novel, "The Mission
available on Simon Pulse

is a story in which a young man fulfills his brother's last request by taking a
trip to San Francisco to widen his horizons and subsequently has a series of
life-changing experiences. Using the same satirical wit and murky lifestyle
happenings as in
exit here, Myers weaves together a thrilling, brutal, and
heart breaking tale of family deception, self-discovery, and the idea of
embracing the future by settling the scores of the past.