raised on a farm ten miles outside of the small town of Dysart, Iowa. After
he graduated high school, he moved to San Francisco where he studied
film at the
Academy of Art University. It was there, after taking a
Screenwriting 3 class that he met and studied under the inspiring instructor
and author
James Dalessandro. James helped Myers grasp the value of
having great stories within the story and also the value of pacing. He also
taught him how to structure his stories in a way that made the reader feel
invested. Myers then sat down in early 2003 and began working on what
would become the first draft of
Exit Here. He signed with literary agent
Gary Heidt and in 2005, at the age of 24, he signed a major publishing
deal with
Simon & Schuster. Exit Here would go on to be released in May
of 2007 and thus far the book has sold over
90, 000 copies worldwide.
In 2010, Myers' second book,
The Mission, also on Simon & Schuster,
was released worldwide. The book went into its third printing six months
after its release and has already sold nearly 30,000 copies to date. Myers
recently signed a new two book deal with Simon & Schuster. His next book,
Dead End, a Midwestern Gothic back roads chase thriller will be released on
6.14.2011 and his fourth book is set to be released in the Summer of

Myers continues to reside in San Francisco and writes full-time.
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